One bloke just brought doughnuts and chicken nuggies together and all our lives are forever changed

Food 20/06/2018

A Scotsman lving in Australia, may have just come up with the most innovative idea of all time... Introducing the donug. 

That's right part doughnut, part chicken nugget.

Only two of the greatest things in the universe. 

Really kicking ourselves for not coming up with this genius idea ourselves. 

And if you're reading this thinking a donug sounds disgusting, you are mighty wrong. 

Give us a second to really explain what's going on here. 

We've got a delicious chicken treat, shaped into the classic doughnut shape, deepfried with cornflakes and panko crumbs and then smothered in a choice of three sauces. 

Cheesy Dijon bechamel, hot chilli or golden Japanese curry with mozzarella.

Oh wow. Just wow,

That sounds like happiness. Or a heart attack... Let's go with happiness, today. 

Creator Craig Carrick told Metro he wants to get these donuggy bad boys all over the bloody show. 

"It's about getting Donugs sold at every sporting ground, every service station, every fish and chip shop."

"I want this to be the crazy new food trend coming out of Melbourne."

Carrick added: "There's nothing sweet about it. All savoury. It's 98 percent chicken that has our unique and top-secret spice mix."

Donugs are only available in Melbourne right now but we're optimistic they'll be coming over the ditch soon enough... Otherwsie we might have to send someone over to give 'em a hoon and bring some back for us donugless beggars. 

Anyway that's enough from us. Excuse us while we go clean the drool from our faces.