Slayer fan kicked out of show, tries to swim back

funny shit 01/06/2018

We've all got that mate who's done some crazy shit to try and sneak in to a gig, but we think this guy takes the cake. 

A fan was kicked out of Slayer's farewell show in Toronto, and then proceeded to try and sneak back in by diving into Lake Ontario and swimming to try and find a back entrance.

A member of the band's opening act for their tour, Anthrax, posted the dudes efforts to Instagram:

Slayer's guitarist Gary Holt commented: “I tried to have someone let him back in! A for effort!!”, and Fozzy frontman and WWE lege Chris Jericho said “Hahahaha that’s something u would do Scott!”

Credit where credit's due, the Lake's water would have been under 10 degrees, so poor old mate was tested for hypothermia when he was caught.

Lake Ontario is also supposedly pretty damn polluted, so this guy had some bloody dedication. He may not have gained access back into the show, but he definitely gained our respect.