Turns out Aussie's infamous "poo jogger" was a top dog exec

funny shit 08/06/2018

The infamous 'Brisbane poo jogger' has been caught and it's been revealed he's a hot-shot businessman with a seat on a council board.

Residents in Greenslopes took matters into their own hands after nearly a year of discovering human waste splashed on the footpath in the early hours of the morning.

One local camped out on the street with a camera waiting for the jogger to strike, The Daily Mail reports.

Eventually, a man was caught on camera with his pants down. It was Andrew Douglas Macintosh - a national quality manager with retirement village provider Aveo.

He's also a member of the Brisbane City Council planning board.

They found the culprit in the act after he ran past the block three times in one week before defecating on the pavement.

Photographer Steve Smith captured the now iconic image of Mr Macintosh squatting on the pavement with his pants down holding toilet paper in his hands.

"I started sitting out there in the dark and waiting, and I decided I was going to get a photo of this guy," Mr Smith told The Courier Mail.

"I patiently waited each morning for a few minutes until eventually I got that photo."

Mr Smith didn't recognise Mr Macintosh, so posted the image on Facebook where it quickly gained traction.

Eventually police tracked him down and charged him with public nuisance.

The case was mentioned this week at the Holland Park Magistrates Court but the court file states it is "likely to be withdrawn".