Blink 182's Travis Barker and his son involved in serious collision with a school bus

Blink 182 16/07/2018

Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker has been in a scary car accident, with his 14 year old son and a school bus. 

TMZ reports that on Friday 13th of July, Barker took a black Mercedes for a cruise in Calabasa, California.

Barker's son, along with a couple others were in the car as passengers, when it collided with a school bus. Thankfully, there were no school kids on board. 

Essentially, Barker was making a left turn and yje school bus smashed into him. Barker is reportedly not at fault.  

But the crash was hectic enough to trigger the airbags in Barker's Mercedes and create a huge mess on the street.

The drummer was pictured wandering around after the crash, uninjured but bloody dazed.  

No word on Barker's sons condition yet. 

This incident follows unfortunate health news for Barker, with blood clotting that has forced the drummer to postpone a number of recent shows.

Check out this video on his road to recovery. 

He shared it last week with the message: “It’s been the longest 4 weeks without playing drums. I played through two shows in Vegas with infection and blood clots before I was able to get a clear diagnosis from a doctor. Here’s an update on my road to recovery.”

Hope shit turns around for the lad.