Hunger for pie leads cooked Hawera bloke to smashing ATM that swallowed his card

funny shit 06/07/2018

Not much goes better than a cheeky steak and cheese pie after a few beersies. 

After a few more beersies, that pie can feel like the holy grail of life...

Pissed at 4am, outside the servo, begging Steve the cashier to help a brother out. 

Hey mate, no judgment, we've all been there.  

But ol' mate Hayden Caskey, a 26 y/o builder from Hawera has taken this predicament to a whole new level...

When Caskey's card got swallowed by the ATM, affectively terminated all his pie-loving hopes and dreams, the lad went full noise hulk on the machine. 

Pounding his fists against the ATM, before grabbing a bottle and smashing it against it, leaving the machine inoperable. 

Caskey has since plead guilty for one charge of intentional damage. 

Stuff reports that Caskey's Lawyer Nathan Bourke and Caskey know alcohol was a fairly large contributing factor to the pie-induced rage. 

I can attest that the local Andersons Pies are delicious but it does not provide an excuse, and he acknowledges that,

He's been charged with a $500 fine and $130 court costs.

That's one expenny pie.