If you watch anything today make it Shannon Noll losing his f*cking mind at punter, live on stage

funny shit 09/07/2018

Australian Idol star Shannon Noll (aka Nollsy, aka "what about me") was nearly bottled in a recent live show, and gave the punter (aka f*cking maggot, aka dog arse prick)  a piece of his f*cking mind. 

And holy hecka, Nollsy did not hold back. 

I mean, fair call to the poor cobber - we're not sure how Nollsy possibly has the repertoire for a full live show, but nobody deserves to be bottled. 

Here is an excerpt of Nollsy's fantastically colourful words:  

Hey, who's that f**khead? Get up here, man! Yeah, you - whoever threw that, get up here," Noll says in the video, pointing at someone in the audience.

"Have the balls to come up here and I'll meet you over there. That f**khead in the tie, everyone look around... come on, pretty boy. You f**king maggot! Come on, cheap shot prick. Hey, who says he should come up? Shame that prick! Shame that mother**ker right there!"

"F**king private school stupid f**khead mother**ker. Have some balls and get up here and I'll punch your f**king teeth down your throat, out the back. Dog arse prick. Then I'll f**k your missus and your mum."

Watch the full rant in all its glory above. We think the best part of this whole thing, is how his band just casually plays along in the backgorund, while Nollsy lets bloody loose.

The Aussie Idol star has since issued an apology. 

Onya mate.