New study finds AC/DC actually IS noise pollution, and a genuine threat to the ecosystem

funny shit 31/07/2018

A paper titled "Testing the AC/DC hypothesis: Rock and roll is noise pollution and weakens a trophic cascade", was published earlier this month in a science journal called Ecology and Evolution.

Why do we care? Well, the paper found that rock music actually has a geuniely negative effect on the ecosystem. 

Essentially, over a two week trial the researchers played Back In Black on a 24-hour loop to some soybeans, their accompanying aphids (a pest insect) and ladybugs (who eat the aphids). After the two week trial, the researchers found the ladybugs were slacking off on their aphid chowing, so there were 40 times more aphids eating the soybeans, resulting in soybean plants that were 25% smaller. 

So rock n'roll will survive, but plants exposed to it might be less than lucky. 

Don't worry it's not just AC/DC, Guns N' Roses were in there. And actually just man made noises - like tractors and hammers. 

The researchers were really trying to prove that human-generated noises in general have a bad effect on the ecosystem. 

So, keep cranking AC/DC, just let your pot plants stick to Mozart. or maybe steer clear of pot plants period.