The Brits have got 'American Idiot' back in the charts ahead of Trump's visit

Green Day 12/07/2018

Donald Trump's heading to the UK and to mark the special occasion the British have got Green Day's 'American Idiot' rising to the top of their singles chart.

How good? 

Old dump Trump can expect 100,000 protesters on the streets when he arrives in London, along with a giant blimp that resembles him as a baby flying over the city.

'American Idiot' has already been pushed to number one on Amazon's UK best seller list, number nine on the UK's iTunes Top 10 and number 18 on Britain's Official Singles Chart.

Organisers want it at number one on all the charts - which would be higher than the song's peak of number 3 on the UK charts when it was first released in 2004.

"It will be the best £1 you've ever spent, or the funniest waste of £1 you've ever spent on a song you probably have already," writes the official American Idiot For UK No.1 When Trump Visits Twitter account.

"But what the hell, on the week of 6-12 July just buy yourself 4 less Freddos and grab a download of Green Day instead. Got that?"