Wairarapa cops looking for info on thirsty lad who ganked a box of Cody's from local Bottle-O

funny shit 10/07/2018

Some of us love a Heineken. Some of us love a Lion Rouge.  The shredders neck back the voddy soddys. The old boys crank a neat whiskey.

And then there's that refined population of quality Kiwis who just can't go past a cheeky Cody. 

Affectionately known as "courtcase in a can."

Old William Cody. The wonderful cheap and delicious bourbon and cola that's fuelled countless New Zealand piss ups, pissed offs, piss downs, piss ins, piss outs, pants pissings, bed pissings, or our personal fave "oh-shit,-I've-really-pissed-up-my-life's".  

One thing you know for sure, sink a few of these bad boys and you're getting faaarking pissed. 

Averaging at about $22 a box from your local piss shop. You're looking at roughly $2 a pop. Cody's are cheaper than a bloody can of Coke. 

Admittedly, the sweet, sweet nectar of the geddonit gods can divide our nation.

While half the party shuns the brave lass or lad who walks into the gathering proudly, with a box of Cody's by their side, the other half will rejoice, champion the Cody-loving-soul, pick 'em up, throw em into the air and toss em around like a beloved Cody captain. 

However, last week, one thirsty bloke in Carterton took his Cody love too far.

The unidentified male walked into the local Bottle-O and then gleefully (no really, gleefully) legged it with an 18 box of Codys under his arms.  

Look how stoked he is with himself. 

Bloody hard day in the office for the Wairarapa police - who have since turned to the Wellington District Police's social media and are asking for any information on the Cody thief.   

If you recognise the bloke in the above and below photos, the boys in blue have asked you call Wairarapa Police on (06) 370 0300.

You can also call crime stoppers, anonymously on 0800 555 111.