WATCH: Bloke with cornrows chowing down on corn while listening to Korn wins the internet

Korn 04/07/2018

Aaron Goc has become a cyber hero, meme levels 100, after filming himself chowing down on corn, while listening to Korn and rocking cornrows. It's the Korn-ception.

Noisey even spoke to Goc, inquiring on his song choice (Got The Life). To which Goc explained: "Got the Life."

"It seemed to come out at the height of Korn-mania so it’s the song I most associate with them,"

"Plus it rocks!"

You're not wrong Goc. 

This bizarro video is trending again, following Korn's bass player James 'Munky' Shaffer, posing with a shopping cart of corn and posting the image to Instagram yesterday.

"I'm a Korny Motherfucker."

How good?