WATCH: Credit card thief falls through ceiling in the funniest CCTV footage we've ever seen

funny shit 02/07/2018

Benny Hill meets reality in this outrageous security footage from an Alberta convenience store named Reddit Mart. A Canadian couple were reportedly caught with stolen credit cards, after their card declined a few times and the store owner smelt something fishy. 

Only they weren't prepared to just roll over when police arrived on the scene. 

The dude pushes the female into the cops (savage mate) and tries to gap it without her, only the police officer still has his hands on his collar so after a scuffle the slimy bastard ends up shirtless and comes back into the store - ducking into a backroom, through some snack aisles and running straight back into the law enforcer. 

Next thing, the chick boosts up a ladder dissappears from the camera shot, the CCTV footage flicked back to her struggling compatriot, then flicks to an empty aisle, before seconds later she comes crashing through the ceiling.