WATCH: Jim's bloody awkward shave for Day 3 of his supermarket challenge

Jim 26/07/2018

The Rumble lads confirmed with a supermarket that it's okay to consume their products while shopping, "as long as you pay for it." 

So, we sent ol' mate "Jim of all trades" into a number of stores to test that theory. 

Good on ya Jimbo, out there doing it. 

Day 1: He gave Ryan a massage with baby oil and cornflakes. 

Day 2: He had his own idea of playing chicken hurling with roast chicken, a broom and a can of dog food

Day 3: Well, he shaved himself. 

No surprises, things got bloody awkward. Take it all in, in the videos above. 

Turns out "as long as you pay for it" has its limitations, so don't go doing this shit yourself.