Auckland's CBD is getting an epic bar/mini golf hybrid and we're teeing up for a putt and a beer

Auckland 22/08/2018

Always getting on the sauce? Perpetually meaning to get a little light exercise in? 

Maaate, us too.

Well, have we got the place for us all. How about a round of mini gof while on the piss? 

A giant two story bar bringing the classic beersies, cocktails and live DJ situation and splicing it with a 27-hole mini-golf course is opening up on October 11th, at 204 Quay Street.

Use to be The Nightingale. 

Holy Moley! That's what it's called. Holey Moley. 

Will definitely by giving this joint a hoon. 

Bookings are available at www.holeymoley.co.nz.

How bloody good?