Aussie man plays guitar for 125 hours straight

Rock News 03/08/2018

An Aussie guitarist, Scott Burford, completed a 125-hour-long guitar playing marathon last month, attempting to break the world record. 

The 49-year-old played for over 5 days straight, from Sunday 15th July to Friday 20th July, in what could soon be officially announced as the world's longest guitar marathon. 

Burford, from Wollongong, NSW, said: "I had super-glue put over my fingers to hold the skin together. I had a nurse and a former paramedic check me out [during the attempt] to make sure I was OK."

The bloke received constant support to make sure he was meeting all the rules of a record attempt. The manager of the music store where Burford attempted the record said:

"He was allowed a 30-second break in between songs, so that's when he got his food in. For every hour he played, he accrued five minutes of rest time."

The whole thing was filmed, racking up a total of over 500 songs, with Burford being able to repeat songs every four hours. He used the attempt to raise funds for the cause Musicians Making a Difference, a charity which aims to break negative cycles of emotional abuse, neglect and disadvantage, empowering youths through music, dance and mentoring.

The current record stands at 114 hours and 6 minutes, set in 2011 by Dave Browne from Dublin, Ireland. 

Our fingers hurt just thinking about it. Here's a clip of Burford's attempt, filmed at 3.40am: