Auckland bloke jailed for poisoning workmates with weed-laced cake

funny shit 03/08/2018

A North Shore man, Graham Jones, received jail time last week for poisoning his work mates with a marijuana-laced cake.

The 58-year-old has been sentenced to 22 months in prison with a lead charge of "poisoning with intent" after bringing a cake in to work that was laced with his home-grown marijuana.

Nine of the blokes colleagues were hospitalised last December for poisoning after eating the cake, and the investigations then exposed Jones' private weed crop which he'd been growing in his yard. 

Jones had begun growing his own weed following a battle with cancer 10 years earlier, resulting in the removal of his tongue and teeth which left him in great pain.

The judge of the case acknowledged that Jones hadn't intended to harm people, but had been "extremely foolish".  

"Your offending had a very high potential for harm because it happened in a workplace that uses heavy machinery and equipment. The victims were very vulnerable in circumstances where workmates would have had no reason to suspect there was anything wrong with eating that cake. It is a normal thing for people to bring cakes to work and for other people to eat them," the judge said.

Kinda feel sorry for the guy, but the law is the law, especially when unauthorised firearms were also found on Jones' property. What a way to be found out.