Butcher loses it at vegan protesters, swings meat in their faces

vegan 08/08/2018

Look, here at The Rock we love a sirloin steak. We love ribs. We love  juicy pork belly. We love fried chicken. We love crispy bacon. BUUUUUUT we also have been known to get down on some succulent vegan dumplings. A chick pea curry. A tofu stir fry... 

Essentially, we're sitting in as Sweden here. But if you wanna join us, grab the popcorn, because the animosity between the butchers and vegans is real.

Following a chef making headlines earlier this year for cooking a steak in front of angry vegan protestors, another butcher just took the rivalry up a notch. 

Actually he just ripped the notch right off, sprayed it with oil, and lit the bloody match. 


By picking up a big ol' pile of meat and physically swinging it at a group of vegan protestors that were lobbying outside his stall at the Leeds Kirkgate Market. 

As a result the protestors were reportedly covered in blood. 

That's some Carrie shit. 

You can watch the footage shot by vegan protestor Ginette Lindstrom below. 

Unilad reports that the group were there in an attempt to highlight abuse within the agricultural industry, however they were pushed out of the market by trader and were even asked to leave by security. 

The clash escalated with one trader actually trying to wrestle a camera from one of the protestors.

Bloody rough.

Pirate vs. ninjas, cowboys vs Indians, super heros vs, villains, butchers vs. vegans? 

The next generation's top party themes for toddlers?  

Just putting it out there.