Cathedral statue vandalized with KISS makeup

funny shit 08/08/2018

An unknown vandal has painted Kiss makeup on a statue at one of the most famous historical cathedrals located in Spain. Local officials are calling the vandalism a "cultural atrocity".

The 12th-century marble statue at Santiago de Compostela cathedral in Galicia, Spain was desecrated with an electric blue paint of the "Catman" makeup worn by Kiss drummer Eric Singer. A Kiss logo was also written over the book that the statue was holding. It was believed that the vandal act was committed during the early hours on Monday morning.

Daily Mail reports that the cops are going through surveillance footages to hunt for any persons of interest. If caught, the person responsible could be facing a fine of up to $255,510 NZD. 

Roman Rodriguez, the regional government's Head of Culture promised that they would do everything they can to "track down the person responsible for this authentic atrocity". The statue will also be restored to its original form using lasers to avoid any damage.

Spanish police have shared a tweet asking for help to identify the criminal stating, "IMPORTANT, PLEASE PASS ON. Santiago Cathedral is a World Heritage site. It belongs to us all. In addition to an absolute lack of respect or civility, the graffiti is also a CRIME. Help us find the responsible person."

Kiss was the headlining act for Resurrection Festival which was located in a nearby town of Viviero in Lugo last month.