It's South Park's 21st birthday, so to celebrate, here's our top ten episodes of all time

South Park 14/08/2018

South Park first aired on August 13th, 1997 - which makes today the 21st birthday of one of the greatest shows of all time.

Well, today in the States, yesterday in NZ... 

The dark, twisted, outrageously socially-aware and simultaneously crazy-offensive parody/satire show created by the combined evil genius, super powers of Trey Parker and Matt Stone has been entertaining us (and shocking others) for a whopping 21 seasons.


With an unheard of turn over of six days per episode - literally from brainstorming ideas, to you watching it, each South Park episode is made in six days, and has been working on that insane deadline the entire time it's existed - South Park's a god damn modern wonder.  

So, we thought we'd celebrate this momentous birthday by making special mention of some of our top episodes from all the seasons thus far.

In no particular order, here's The Rock office's top ten South Park eps.   

1. The Return of the Fellowship of the Ring to the Two Towers 
Season 6, Episode 13

The Return of the Fellowship of the Ring to the Two Towers - or as Jim prefers to call it; Backdoor Sl#ts 9 - is one of South Park's finest spoofing efforts.

While on a glorious day of cosplay the boys accidentally swap their LOTR DVD for a kinky porno...

This results in some next lev trauma for ol' mate Butters who has to know what it all means and ends up rocking back and forwards muttering "my precious". 

The scene where the parents attempt to explain the porno contents... Absolute gold. 

2. You Got F'd in the Ass Season
Season 8, Epiode 5 

Stan and the gang get served by a group of dancing kids which creates the bloodiest dance off of all dance offs. 

There's Butters tap dancing career. Some goth kids. And Stan's Dad getting involved by teaching some side steps to 'Achy Breaky Heart'.  

Ridiculous. Iconic. Traumatic for Butters. Need we say more. 

Another hot nom from Jimbo. 

3. Scott Tenorman Must Die
Season 5, Episode 4

This is the episode we meet Cartman's nemesis Scott Tenorman. They get off on a real bad foot and Cartman is thirsty for revenge. 

So, he attempts to train a horse to eat Scott's peen during a chilli eating competition. 

Of course.  

There's an exchange of pubes for money. There's cannibalism. And there's Radiohead laughing at Scott for being a crybaby. 

Quality nomination from ol' mate John Day. 

4. Guitar Queer-O 
Season 11, Episode 13 

Another beauty nom from John Day. 

Essentially this episode is the ultimate parody on rock'n'roll... 

Mere weeks after Guitar Hero III was released, Stone and Parker saw the perfect opportunity for some sweet, sweet savagery. Stan and Kyle clock Guitar Hero, smashing the 100,000 point record, and get contacted by an agent who turns them into rock stars with 24 hours. 

Shit gets real twisted when Stan gets convinced to drop Kyle and team up with the more talented kid, Thad. Then Stan gets hooked to Heroin Hero. Classic rock story.
Oh, and there's a scene where Randy sings "Carry On My Wayward Son"...   

5. Ass Burgers
Season 15, Episode 8

Music guy/Middle management/Moby look-a-like; Reagan has nominated  Ass Burgers. And holy shit this one's a goodie. 

Stan, failing to cope with his parents divorce, is mistakenly diagnosed with Aspergers syndrome and goes to a clinic to get help - only the clinic is really a front for The Secret Society of Cynics who believe the world has turned into literal shit and supernatural forces are preventing the rest of the world from noticing. 

Basically a bloody excellent spoof on Matrix.  

6. Sexual Harassment Panda
Season 3, Episode 6

Mr. Garrison introduces all the kids to Peetie the Sexual Harassment Panda.

The kids failure to understand what is and isn't sexual harassment results in everyone suing eachother for sexual harassment and the school losing $32 million. 

Also an early enough episode in the South Park world that killing Kenny is still funny. And shit this one's a real doozy. 

Nominated by Dave from Promos/Weekends. 

7. Good Times With Weapons 
Season 8, Episode 1

You could call this episode South Park's homage to anime. 

The boys are transformed into Japanese warriors/ninjas after buying martial art weapons at their local market.

Ridiculous, stylized battle scenes ensue. 

And a shitload of laughs. Of course. 

8. Goobacks
Season 8, Episode 7

'Goobacks' or as Jeremy refers to it; the "they took our jobs" episode is the one that made a satire out of illegal immigration. 

Risky. Hilarious. South Park gold. 

People from the year 3045 have created a time travelling machine that takes them back to current South Park where they work for virtually nothing, because they have nothing back where they came from. 

This cooks the economy which really riles up the locals. Shit gets lose. Sterotypes run rampant. 

You see the kids abuse fast food workers. The GooBacks having an incomprehensible accent...  

Yep, Parker and Stone play an even hand and take a jab at both sides. 

All round, flaming good ep. 

9. Christian Rock Hard
Season 7, Episode 9

Essentially, Cartman starts a Christian rock group, while Kyle, Stan and Kenny are arrested by the FBI for downloading music off the Internet. Then they team up with Metallica, Britney Spears and Ozzy Osbourne to takes down music piracy. 

Oh and Cartman says F&$k Jesus. 

What's not to like? 

10. Raisins
Season 7, Episode 14  

Producer Jeremy coming in hot with this one. 

Wendy breaks up with Stan, so the boys take him to Raisins (a restaurant) to try cheer him up.

Largely nominated for this scene alone:

What a show. Happy birthday South Park!

Bloody hard to narrow down all the hysterical episodes to a top ten. 

So, here's a few bonus honourable mentions: 
- Ginger Kids 
- White People Renovating Houses
- You Have 0 Friends
- Make Love, not Warcraft
- The Death of Cartman 

Go on then. What's your top episode?