Kiwi battler arrested after sinking too many beersies on a flight and then trying to open the aircraft door

News 17/08/2018

A Kiwi restaurant manager had one too many beersies during a flight between Auckland and Kuala Lumpur, then attempted to open the door of a Malaysia Airlines aircraft. 

The battler has narrowly avoided a prison sentence. 

Harry Frazer Cranwell, 32, was on his merry way to Vietnam, and put back five cans of beer and another glass of presumably stronger booze MH0130 on Sunday night,  reports Bernama, a Malaysian news provider.

Allegedly a stewardess saw Cranwell holding the handle of the emergency door of the aircraft and attempting to open it.

There be might more foot room with the emergency door seat, but with more foot room comes great responsibility.

Cranwell was then deemed unfit to hold the responsibility of sitting in the ol' emergency door seat and was moved. The captain was informed, and Cramwell was in some serious trouble upon landing. 

He was arreested and charged with endangering an aircraft and the lives of those onboard by attempting to open the emergency door. 

The maximum sentence for this offence is three years in prison.

Cranwell had a court hearing on Wednesday, and plead guilty. 

Fortunately, the Malaysian's charged him 6000 Ringgit(or $2,226 NZD) instead of the 12 month sentence he was facing. 

 What a bloody silly bugger.