WATCH: Naked bloke snaps thief trying to steal his missus' car in some of the best CCTV we've ever seen

Viral videos 28/08/2018

A video of a naked bloke catching a thief trying to hot wire his missus car recently went viral, for obvious reasons. It's some of the greatest CCTV footage we've ever seen. 

The video was uploaded to social media by the naked bloke's fiance, Nicola Jane Baldwin. 

Nicola captioned it: "Someone tried to steal our car last night,"

"Silly sausage didn't realise my fiancé is a naked ninja. Bet he won't try that again in a hurry.

"Would there be anything more terrifying than a raging, naked man rugby tackling you?"

You know what Nicola? Probably not a lot. Maybe if it was a naked Jim?  

Anyway, the car alarm went off when the couple were presumably in bed, nakey. And the bloke bolted up and out to the rescue. 

Turns out those ol' alarms actually still alert people. 

Check out the footage above.