HBO are gunning to turn Northern Ireland into a Game of Thrones theme park

Game of Thrones 26/09/2018

The makers of Game of Thrones know as eager as fans are for the eighth and final season (coming to screens in early 2019), it'll also be bittersweet to say goodbye to the greatest thing to ever happen to television (Opinion. Obviously, calm down SOA.) 

While reruns are alright, and spin-offs are sure to come... What will truly fill the gaping GOT void once the show finishes? 

Well, have we got news for you, fellow Gameo of Thrones' fan; the sets in Northern Ireland are set to be opened to the public for tourists to visit - there's even talks of THEME PARKS. 

Northern Ireland locations like Castle Ward in County Down and the old quarry that doubles as the set for Magheramorne will one hundues be open for fans to physically immerse themselves in, come 2019 - not long after the show finishes airing.

How bloody good? 

After following the show for a decade, watching the finale might stir a few feelings... Might well be high time to pack the suitcase, sort the passport and head over to Westeros ourselves. 

While we're over there, wouldn't mind popping into Croatia to check out King's Landing, Iceland for all the wild past-The Wall scenery or Spain to see Dorne.

No dragons though. Stingy bastards.