Hilary Barry tells Mulls her c*** is spectacular in kick-arse response to punisher

funny shit 26/09/2018

Hilary Barry just told the whole world how spectacular her c**t is. Aaaand the Tweet was addressed to ol' mate Andrew Mulligan. What a bloody day.

To add some context, Hilary was commenting on a questionable NZ Herald caption that insinuated Dad's are babysitters (rather than parents). Then some punisher with a keyboard decided it was a-okay to go around throwing C-Bombs at the legendary broadcaster. 

(Note: Punisher was not Mulls.) 

Before @The_Chosen_One started disrespecting NZ's beloved Aunty, our mate Mulls had piped up about the sitter/parent Dad chat with some of his winning wit.

"Do we still charge the full $20 an hour after they're asleep or is it fair we only get $15 when they're down?"

Then shit got a little out of hand.

@The_Chosen_One came in hot, calling Hilary a c*** - Then got shamed so bad, the bloody coward deleted their Twitter. 

Too right, jog on mate, being rude to Aunty Hilary. Who do you think you are? 

How'd she blast them into non-exsistence? Well, Hilary tweeted this number out (addressing Mulls and the punisher);

"My c**t isn't stupid. Quite the contrary; it's spectacular. Thank you though for your valued feedback."  

Mulls later clarified the tweet wasn't directed at him. Barry probably just included Mulls so he could get the popcorn out and enjoy the show.  

Love your work, Hilary.