Lad imitates as many Instagram model poses as he can during his travels

funny shit 07/09/2018

28-year-old marketing manager, Jake Arredondo, who spotted too many boyfriends of Instagram being forced to take photos of their girlfriends during his travels, thought he'd mix up his own holiday snaps - by taking the piss out of their poses and uploading them to his own Instagram for a laugh.

You know the types of poses we are talking about. "Candid" moments full of fake laughter and smiles. The carefully timed 'look down at your feet/friend/away from the camera', where you just look so cheeky and natural. And don't even get us started on the 'back-to-the-camera-facing-the-background pose, often accompanied with a caption where they're talking to the city like it is a person ("I B I Z A you were beautiful! Greece, you're up next").

Have a look at his hilarious pics below. And pour the man a wettie, he's deserved one.