Slipknot allegedly working with Self-Titled and Iowa producer Ross Robinson

Slipknot 27/09/2018

Hype for the upcoming Slipknot album just went up a notch, after fans noticed Ross Robinson's dog in Slipknot guitarist; Alessandro Venturella's Instagram story. 

Ross Robinson was the mastermind producer behind the two fan favourite albums; their self-titled debut and Iowa.

So, people are bloody pumped at the thought he's getting involved with Slipknot again. 

Corey Taylor has promised the new album will be "Iowa levels of heavy."  Robinson can certainly make that happen... 

The story update that's got people frothing is simply Ross Robinson's doggo hanging in a studio setting. 

Check it out below.  

It's definitely Robinson's dog. Look at the good boy. 

Not to mention, last moth Robinson pretty much confirmed his involvement with Slipknot.

How good?