Mike Myers recreated the "we're not worthy" Wayne's World scene during Alice Cooper gig

funny shit 12/09/2018

We're not worthy - but a lucky New York audience definitely was.

During an  Alice Cooper gig in New York last week, Mike Myer's, the top bloke who played Wayne Campbell in Wayne's World appeared on stage, unannounced, and recreated the iconic "We're not worthy" scene from the cult classic movie. 

Can't remember the scene? Essentially Wayne and his buddy Garth find themselves in the presence of Alice Cooper, bow down to him, cause they're not worthy until Cooper eventually extends his hand out for them to kiss. 

Imagine seeing that live on stage while Coops belts out 'School's Out'. 

How bloody good? 

Check it out above - Myers appears about the 6.50 mark. 

Or refresh your memory and watch the orginal scene below. 

Party time. Excellent.