This bloke got his proposal into the new Spider-Man game, and it backfired horrifically

funny shit 10/09/2018

Spider-Man has recently dropped on PS4, and this one guy could be the luckiest yet un-luckiest dude in the world..

Back in May of this year Tyler Schultz, a YouTube vlogger and Twitch streamer, reached out to the Spider-Man developers at Insomniac. He asked them to include his marriage proposal in the game, and they surprisingly responded.


The one catch that Insomniac Games had for Tyler, was that he had to wait until September 7 when the game officially launched - he responsed with "We've just past our five years in April so I think she'll still be around in September". Yeah, famous last words.

A great effort to get your own marriage proposal in one of the most anticipated video games to be released in a while. But this yarn isn't all smooth sailing, he released a video shortly after the proposal 'Easter Egg' went viral saying

The thing that sucks about this Easter egg is the date that I'm making this video now, three, four weeks ago, my girlfriend dumped me to go with my brother. Basically throwing away the five years that we had together and spitting in my face basically, saying this isn't even the way she wanted to be proposed to, and left me. This might go down in history as the saddest Easter egg. Maybe, I don't know.

Tyler is now asking people to use his idea and tag him in it because he just wants to see 'someone get married'.

Oh dear, unlucky mate, unlucky.



Video Credit - funhouse1408 on twitch

Photo Credit - Youtube/Tyler Schultz