WATCH: Bloke legs it out of wedding after his missus catches the bride's bouquet

funny shit 06/09/2018

If you've ever been to a wedding or fallen victim to a shitty wedding-related rom-com, you'll probably know of the bouquet tradition where all the single sheilas line up behind the bride as she throws her bouquet into the abyss of their singledom. 

The "lucky" lady who catches the bouquet is then supposedly the one who the universe has decided will be walking down the aisle next. 

It's a tradition that's been known to cause full noise hair-pulling, hooha-kicking, charlie-giving, rib-destroying, cat fights. 

And for one recent lass who caught the blessed bouquet... An awol boyfriend. 

Watch the above footage from Chelsea and Matt Best's recent nuptials in the UK, where a male guest does a runner like no other after his missus catches Chelseas's bouquet.