WATCH: School shootings just got the South Park treatment and the internet is bloody triggered

South Park 28/09/2018

Last night South Park premiered the first episode for its 22nd season. It's called Dead Kids and it's triggered a hell of a lot of people... 

Why? Well, it's about school shootings.

Some people reckon it's the most offensive thing writers Trey Parker and Matt Stone have ever done. Which is really saying something.

Remember that time they sent Steve Irwin to hell, with the stingray that killed him hanging out of his chest, mere days after he'd died?

Or how they created the real-life kick-a-ginger day? 

What about when they gave a Virgin Mary statue a period, that seemed to be coming out her ass - And the New Zealand Catholic Bishops' Conference were so up in arms, they begged the media conglomerate CanWest to prevent the episode from being aired in New Zealand?

Yeah, South Park's done some messed up shit.  

But Dead Kids has people wondering if they've finally gone too far? 

Even South Park themselves are questioning it. The show created the hashtag #cancelsouthpark a couple weeks before airing the episode...

You can't blame Parker and Stone for shooting low.

It's pretty hard being controversial in a world that's completely cooked. 

Just this week, Trump got publically laughed at in the UN, America's dad  Bill Cosby got sentenced to prison for child sex crimes, then Meghan Markle closed her car door and the internet couldn't handle it.

This is the world we live in. 

Anyway, back to Dead Kids. Essentially, Cartman fails his maths test, while his school mates are gettng slaughtered in the school hall way, and nobody cares -  except for Sharon Marsh. 

It's a pretty solide social commentary on the volume of shool shootings in America, which is arguably leading to a sense of apathy - Does anybody even care? Mass shooting headlines have become common place. 


Check out the trailer for the ep above. 

And don't worry, pretty confident this isn't the end for South Park. 

America needs to take it down a notch. Maybe if they got this up in arms about actual shootings and sorted out their gun laws, this episode wouldn't have been bloody well made in the first place. 

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