'Pre-school fight club' could be happening in the US

funny shit 01/11/2018

KGNS TV have reported a US daycare being under investigation, because of a rumoured "pre-school fight club" video that's doing the rounds.

A 10-year-old was filmed fighting at the Adventure Learning Centre in Missouri back in 2016.

Apparently the video shows kids fighting while a teacher watches on with joy.

The 10-year-old's mother Nicole Merseal believes the alleged fights only stopped because one was recorded and leaked. 

The fight was apparently 30 minutes in length.

Merseal wants those involved held accountable for the fights. However, the St Louis Circuit Attorney's Office did not prosecute anyone.

The daycare and the teachers allegedly involved would not comment on the video.

It continues to operate with an more frequent inspections.

There have been other complaints levelled against the centre. In March, a four-year-old accused a teacher of swearing at him, grabbing him and pushing him to the ground.

In another alleged incident, a caregiver reportedly grabbed a child inappropriately and dragged him.

What. A. Mess.