Brand spanking new range rovers get their roofs ripped off when transport truck drives into bridge

funny shit 26/10/2018

Well, that's a f*ck up and a half. 

A Scottish truck driver has caused a shit tonne of damage to a bunch of brand new Range Rovers he was carrying this week when he plowed under a railway bridge.

Some of the new cars were even still in their plastic wrapping, and costing up to $130,000 NZD each, that is a seriousllyyyyyy bad day at the office if we've ever seen one.  

An eye witness, Gareth Ruddock, said he reckons two of the cars were a "write-off".

"I was just there dropping my wife off at the station and I did a double take. There are some open-topped cars now. Some of them still had their plastic on, they must have been getting delivered. I just saw the aftermath. The police were there brushing up the bits and pieces which had broken off. The driver was there looking a bit unhappy," he said.

"Nobody was hurt but it wasn't a good day for that fella. I think pretty much all the cars on the top were damaged, but as they got further back the damage was lesser. The first couple of cars must have been written off, or you would have to rebuild the entire car."

Apparently noone was hurt though, which I guess is the silver lining to this poor guys awful day.