Rap group Migos just won a "Best Rock Group" award and we wanna riot

music news 11/10/2018

Migos just won a rock award. MIGOS. The three rapping stooges. Is the world over as we know it? Can we riot? 

The boys scooped up their best rock/pop group accolade at the American Music Awards, which went down last night. And while these awards are no Grammy's they're still a pretty big deal.

You know what. The AMAs can just jog on.   

The award best pop/rock group, to be brutally honest, didn't have ANY real rock group nominees... The rappers were competing with Maroon 5 and Imagine Drangons. And while we might not be the biggest fans of either of those bands - at least they play bloody instruments. 

To add salt to the injury, Post Malone took out bets pop/rock artist, competing along side Ed Sheeran and Drake. Titling a track "Rock Star", doesn't make you one. At least Malone plays the guitar and has collabed with Aerosmith before. 

Migos though... 

Just. What. 

We have no words. A shaken Twitter certainly does though... Here's some of the more apt responses to the buckwild "rock" winners. 

Sort it out America.