The moment a teacher told a deaf kid the other students can hear his farts

funny shit 31/10/2018

The world's a real different place for people with hearing disabilities. Take farting. Us hearing folk take for granted knowing there's rippers that everyone around you can hear and sneaky secret poofs that leak out slowly without anyone knowing it's you who's responsible for the bad smell. 

A goup of deaf six year olds in Washington had no idea about this differentiation. One of the kids let one rip in class then wanted to know why all the other hearing kids were looking at them, so their teacher Anna Trupiano broke the news.

And holy shit. Her ripping the fart band-aid is priceless.

So you can hear and smell all the farts?

Ms Trupiano's explanation between farts you can hear and farts you can't... Just wow. Truly outstanding.

It's all in the buttcheek movement kiddo.  

Read below:

Anna the primary shool teacher was a little overwhelmed by her farts yarn gaining so much interaction. 

Gummon Anna, everyone can have a laugh at a good fart yarn.