Vegans souls have been crushed after learning money is made from animals

News 26/10/2018

Nothing is safe for vegans apparently... including our very own bank notes. 

It's been found that many countries around the world have currencies that include tallow, which is a derivative of animal fat - and little ol' NZ is one of them.

Innovia Security, who supply the polymer substrate for NZ's bank notes, confirmed the presence of tallow in the product. The manufacturer's resin suppliers reportedly used a "trace amount of tallow" to assist with production and processing.

That's what makes our notes so water-resistant, durable, and able to smoothly feed through machines. 

Tallow isn't exclusive to animal fat though - it can be found in vegetable oils, cocoa butter and other non-animal sources. But the reality is, animal fat is cheaper.

Well, sorry to be the bearers of bad news vegans!