WATCH: Bloke burns his house down after trying to kill spiders with blowtorch

funny shit 26/10/2018

Hey, we hate spiders as much as the next guy... Oh, wait the next guy burnt his house down with a blowtorch... Maybe not that much. 

Yep, a couple nights ago a California local was housesitting for his parents, when he came across some black widow spiders and decided to show hin who's boss. With a blow torch. 

And while the spiders would have undoubtedly have experienced a fiery death that would have the depths of hell a run for it's money... Well, we really don't feel like this bloke was the winner here... 

Probably something to do with burning down the house. And not in a cool, funky, kick-ass show of defiance like the Talking Heads... Nope. 

Imagine burning your parents house down over a couple spiders. 

In total 29 fire fighters were called out to deal with the blaze.

God damn. 

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