WATCH: Mad dog jumps 29 storeys to fetch some milk

funny shit 23/10/2018

When it's smoko and there's no bloody milk most of us let a few curses out and drink our cuppas black.  Or if you're a real hero, you'll take a jog to the corner shop and replenish the supply. Then there's Steven Shipman; a man who'll jump 29 storey out of his building before he'll go milkless. 

In a recent comedy video the bloke BASE jumps from a Dubai high rise after his "wife" (see: actress) tells him they're out of milk. 

"No milk?! Oh my God", 

LadBible spoke to Shipman, who's a live events lighting director when he isn't jumping off shit. 

"I've done a lot of BASE jumping videos, "Shipman explained.

"Most of them are just to document an interesting jump but I've done a few like these where I've tried to give it some humour to make it more interesting.

I've done 2500 skydives and over 600 BASE jumps, I'm still nervous every time I BASE jump.

"I was super excited. I got up an hour before sunrise to prepare.

"I needed just enough light for the cameras, but I didn't want to be seen, so I jumped just before sunrise.

"It cracks me up every time I watch it. For me the funniest part is the girl's face, I love her "you're my hero" smile at the end, like a cliché silent movie ending."  

Onya mate. Everyone loves the hero who brings home the milk. Make sure to get some bacon next time too, eh?