Nurmagomedov beats McGregor, jumps out of Octogan and gets into full noise dust up in crowd

UFC 07/10/2018

After just four rounds, Khabib Nurmagomedov has taken down Conor McGregor through submission. 

The moment Mcgregor tapped out, with Khabib holding him in a chokehold,  the Russian UFC fighter spun out of control, screaming in McGregor's face then jumping the Octogan's fence and getting into a full noise dust up with McGregor's team.

Meanwhile, someone in Khabib's own team vaulted into the Octagon and launched an attack on a stunned McGregor.  

Soon after, McGregor was escorted out off the building by a hoard of security. 

Having defended his belt, the UFC champion demanded he be presented wih it, however he was hushed by President Dana White, who told him he's not getting his belt, out of fear of the crowd getting hostile.

Probably a little late for that, mate. 

Security then escorted Khabib out of the venue as he was attacked with water bottles by the furious Irish. 

Commentator Joe Rogan has said that Khabib will be facing huge fines following his win, due to the serious misconduct.