WATCH: The premiere of Tenacious D's buck-wild animated show 'Post Apocalypto' is here

Tenacious D 02/10/2018

Tenacious D are back with a six-part animated series, which will be loaded up entirely on YouTube. So, we can all access a few well-overdue Tenacious-D-induced giggles. 

How good?

The first episode runs at eight minutes in it's entirety - and is already up there on the interwebs. Just hit the play button above, and get into it. 

This pilot ep appears to be a bit of re-enactment of their new song 'Hope'.

Essentially, the world is over as we know it, and Kyle and Jack are the two ball bags left with the task of saving humanity from the freshly-spawned, post-apocalyptic atomic mutants.

Oh and there's space travel and time travel and cross-country travel and plenty of other end-of-the-world/sci-fi gags to keep ya entertained.  

Tenacious D's upcoming album; Post Apocalyto will be out November 2nd, by which point all six episodes are set to be on YouTube. 

Will keep you posted as more details emerge. 

In the meantime, check out this Q & A Tenacious D did with Rolling Stone about the show and the upcoming album.