Bloke accidentally pooped in a trash can he mistook for a toilet in tiny house

funny shit 05/11/2018

Our mates over at The Chive reminded us why sometimes it's not the story or the video you're there for. It's the loose cannons in the comments section.

You always come across the most twisted of humans in the comment seciton. Whether you're laughing at their stupidity or getting baffled by their yarns, the comment section can be a bloody gold mine.  

Take this chat. Someone stumbled across a photo gallery about Imgur user unpetitjenesaisquoi's tiny house, then left one an absolute stonker of a yarn about accidentally shitting in his mate's trash can while visiting his tiny house. 

It's got us in hysterics. 

Read below. 

Holy shit. 

Reminder. Always skim the comments. You never know when you're going to stumble upon a sharn that's going to make your day.