WATCH: The most drunk and wasted people at Christchurch Cup Day

Vids 13/11/2018

Move over Melbourne Cup, it's Addington Raceway's time to shine...

With thousands of Cantabs gearing up for the inaugural Christchurch Cup Day (aka heaps of kiwis getting thunderboozed pretending to know a lot about horse racing), we thought we'd look back at previous years to see the good, the bad, and the severely wasted people doing their best to make a tit of themselves for the whole country to see.

Stay classy, Christchurch.

If you're going today, pro tip: line the stomach with something decent and hearty before you knock back a few wetties (and no, liquid lunches do not count). It'll be hot as balls so regular waters will be your friend. And make sure your mate doesn't get too cooked.

Otherwise you might end up on our website.