How to pronounce blink-182's band name is tearing people on Twitter apart

funny shit 27/11/2018

They've been around for decades and you'd be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn't know or hasn't heard of blink-182.

I mean, what adolescent red-blooded male doesn't remember this iconic album cover for Enema of the State?

Or laughed along to the music videos, whether they were running nude around town or taking the piss out of the Backstreet Boys?

Recently, Twitter has been torn apart because the latest internet puzzle has been - how do you correctly pronounce the band's name?

Specifically the "182" part. Is it "one-eighty-two", or "one-eight-two"?

Which got us thinking....shit we really don't know. We've said it both ways on air, and everyone has a different thought toward it.

The debate was raised by The Late Late Show writer Ian Karmel, who said the British pronounce it "one-eight-two".

Whereas in 'Murica, it is pronounced "one-eighty-two".

The Late Late Show host James Corden then chimed in with a zinger.

And then things just got out of control.

Original blink-182 vocalist Tom Delonge got into the convo, but only made it more confusing.

AND THEN current bassist Mark Hoppus tweeted, revealing that everyone was focused on the wrong thing.

So, who really the fuck knows? We'll just keep listening to the music and most likely say it the incorrect way.