Kiwi tradie has created a table with a beer fridge built inside and holy shit, we all need one

Beer 09/11/2018

Tama Nio-Aporo has built THE table for any man or woman who loves a backyard beer. 

That's right, forget about having to get up for a cold one. Now there's a table with a built in beer fridge. 

The best furniture engineering since the bloody La-Z-Boy. This Westie tradie is a fucking genius - And he's created this table right on bloody time for crate day. 

Introducing the Can't-Be-Fucked3000. Photos: Melissa Moore

Nio-Aporo said the idea was born from an old sink lying around in the backyard that he decided to use as a centrepiece for his table. 

Shit yes. We just like this fella more and more.

The crafty builder orginally called his sexy invention the "Cant-be-F**ked3000".

However, he has since gone with the business handle "Tamuks Tables". 

We reckon the first option was god damn excellent. But hey, each to their own. 

Whatever you wanna call it, one of these table can hold all sorts of wetties - That's what really matters. Be it alcoholic, non-alcoholic, big bots, wine bottles, standies, or RTDs. One of these tables can take 'em all. 

Well, all except Cruisers. If you drink those stains Nio-Aporo says ya need to get yourself "a bit of self-respect."

He's not wrong.  

The Cant-Be-Fucked3000 in action. Photos: Melissa Moore

You can pick one of these bad boys up for anything between $950-$1200, depending on the size. And they come with the wooden benches. How good?

Nio-Aporo's facebook business page boasts: "It comes with a built in sink (or two) these tables really separate the men from the boys! Whether it be a few lazy brews after work or a dope ass summer bender, these tables will keep the vibes flowing no matter what," 

Bloody legend. 

You can flick him a message and pick up one of his tables here.