Patty Gower reveals he accidentally got hella blazed over the weekend on The Project last night

funny shit 27/11/2018


Okay Patty, whatever you say.

From Newshub's Vita Molyneux:

Newshub's National Correspondent Patrick Gower told the country of his accidental dabble in recreational drugs on Monday night's episode of The Project.

He admits his weekend took an "interesting turn" after he went and met a medicinal cannabis manufacturer for a documentary he's shooting about cannabis called Patrick Gower: On Weed. 

He says he was filming whilst the woman dried the cannabis for use. And while he didn't intentionally light up, he says he "had a whiff of this stuff that she said was supposedly quite weak".

He did suffer some side effects, despite the alleged "weakness" of the marijuana.

"I was in this rose garden, and this rose just kind of exploded," he recounted.

"I'm not really familiar with this stuff, but that night I went out and ordered two curries, had a big sleep and I've been five hours behind all day".

On Weed will be released next year.