Poor bastards find human flesh in their vegetarian noodles

News 02/11/2018

When dining at a vegetarian restaurant, you'd be forgiven for thinking you won't come across any meat in your meal. That's kind of the point.

So you most definitely wouldn't be expecting to find some BLOODY HUMAN MEAT in your food. That goes without saying.

That's exactly what happened at a Thailand restaurant though. It started when diners noticed bits of what seemed to be meat in their meals, which lead to complaints to the restaurant's manager. 

After closer inspection by the authorities, it was discovered that what was originally thought was pork was actually straight human flesh. Yeesh. And it doesn't stop there - the person's flesh identified was actually found to be a man the owner had allegedly had an argument with. 

Bits of human flesh and blood were splattered across the walls, and then the corpse of a 61-year-old man was found inside the restaurants septic tank.

The owner managed to flee before he was caught, and is still on the run. 

The body has been identified as a former customer of the restaurant, Prasit Inpathom, last spotted having a few drinks in the property on 21st October. He was reportedly a regular customer, and had been seen involved in a verbal argument with the boss. 

Prasit appeared to have been struck with a blunt object as well as stabbed several times in the stomach and leg according to local reports. 

Whether any customers actually consumed the meat is unknown, but we sincerely hope they didn't. 

That's a real life horror story if we've ever heard one.