Red Dead 2 is stitching up the Flat Earth Society in the best way

funny shit 08/11/2018

Rockstar games have included a quality trolling for the Flat Earth Society in their latest release, Red Dead Redemption 2.

Essentially, the boundary map gives a cheeky nod to flat earthers and just suddenly ends.

If you accidentally walk off the side of the earth you fall into oblivion. 

Some gamers are concerned Red Dead Redemption 2's troll will be misinterpreted as encouragement. 

But hey, there's no way to reason with those flat earth cookers anyway. 

Might as well have a laugh, crank up the Red Dead and enjoy falling off the world. 

In other flat earth news, one of these spinners who spends their days holed up in a dark room falling into YouTube wormholes, watching "science videos" with creepy soundtracks, has dreamed up a new concept... Apparently the earth is a donut.

New conspiracy theory: The earth is a donut.