Red Dead Redemption 2 sees 731% increase in wild west searches on PornHub

funny shit 02/11/2018

Since Red Dead Redemption 2's release it's all the gaming world can talk about.  

And they're not just talking. Turns out it's all the gaming world can tug one out to, too.

Gotta embrace the game.Sniff the game. Date the game. BE THE GAME.  

Yep, PornHub has seen a 700% increase in wild west searches since the game's October 26th release. 

The stats dont lie. Red Dead Redemption is getting blokes mighty barred up. 

And it really is just the blokes who want a slice of the ol' dirty cowboy.

The PornHub inights team revealed men were 1165% more likely to search 'Red Dead' when compared to the fairer sex.  
God damn. 

The game's already made $725 million (US) in world wide retail, so it's not surprising to see a surge. But 731%?

Well, we know our fair share of filthy cowboy gamers... *cough* 

That you Mulls?