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This couple have eaten at Maccas every day for the last 23 years

funny shit 12/11/2018

Take a look around at your friends or workmates, and you'll be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn't enjoy hitting up the golden arches and devouring cheeky Big Mac or two.

But this elderly UK couple will put anyone who claims to love their Maccas to shame.

Tom and Pauline Jones, 83 and 82 respectively, have given the middle finger to a traditional diet and have spent the last 23 years chowing down at their local Maccas. Every. Single. Day.

That's dedication.

The couple says they walk 4km to get from their home to their local McDonald's for an early morning coffee. They then go for a walk and a potter around the shops before going back for a 10am snack.

Bloody good.

Ol' Tom and Pauline even credit their daily Micky D intake with keeping them slim and fit.

We come in here seven-days-a-week, every day. Other than when we've been on holiday, we haven't missed a day in 23 years.

If you're like us, you've got  two questions on your mind. First q - what do they order?

Tom usually orders a Big Mac, whereas Pauline mixes it up each daily but she's known to be partial to chicken nuggies. Our kind of lady.

The second question - why?

We love our Maccas, but every single day? Isn't that a tad too full-on, even for connoisseurs like us?

Not for these two McDonald's lifers. They come back daily for not only the food, but because of the friendly staff.

We like coming back here every single day because of the friendliness. The staff are always so helpful - we even feel like part of the building - part of the furniture.

Pauline continues. "It's like a second home to us. We like it in the mornings when it isn't so busy as it's a bit hectic at dinner time."

We are not pub people and we value the community we find at McDonald's.

No judgement, only respect from us for these two incredible humans. #couplegoals