Image: Ladbible

A bunch of vegans held a candle-lit vigil for nine turkeys that were killed for Christmas dinner

funny shit 12/12/2018

A group of vegans in Bristol, UK, have held a candle-lit vigil outside a farm to mourn nine turkeys that were killed for upcoming Christmas meals.

We shit you not.

Look, we don't want to tar all vegans with the same brush, and if you're not into eating meat or using animal products - that's 100% fine. You do you.

But to hold a wake and mourn in public, with signs that read "They Wanted To Live"?

That's out the fucking gate, full-noise batshit crazy.

This debacle all came to be when St. Werburgh's City Farm charity said they would be raffling off two turkeys and auctioning the rest for Christmas. However due to public outcry, the farm had to cancel the raffle - but the birds were still killed at a slaughterhouse ahead of being eaten for Christmas.

Ladbible reports that vegan activist Sarah Nicol, who organised the vigil, said:

There's a lot of anger that the turkeys are dead, but we just want people to have a peaceful outlet for their grief.

Nicol continued to say the group's aim was to stop the animals getting killed at any farms in the city, adding: "We're hopeful that Bristol's city farms can move towards being sanctuaries.

"Their goals aren't based in slaughtering their animals, they're based in helping and educating the public. So it's a logical step to move towards becoming a sanctuary.

"The turkeys caught people's attention because they could see them, felt that they knew them. They were nine individuals, rather than countless, nameless animals in a slaughterhouse."

Okaaaaay then....