Aussie tradie tasers himself in the face while trying to light a dart

funny shit 04/12/2018

Who would have thought that would happen?

An Australian builder, Aaron Dunbar, got the shock of his life after trying to light his ciggie using a Taser, which left him unconscious on the ground.

He managed to keep his drink in his hand though. That's equal parts impressive as it is stupid.

He's okay though - he told Caters he has no regrets about the stunt. His brother, Chris, initially was scared when he saw his bro unconscious on the ground but quickly saw the funny side.

I was a bit worried when I saw him smack his head on the ground, but once he got back up I just started laughing.

He's pretty mental, he loves pain. I reckon he's pretty proud of the video.


h/t: Newshub