Battler arrested after trying to pay for his Maccas with a bag of weed

funny shit 19/12/2018

Before you ask - no, this was not John Day or Jim Cawthorn. But we wouldn't put it past either of them to get up to something like this.

From Newshub:

A Florida man has been arrested after attempting to hand over cannabis as payment for food at McDonald's.

The Associated Press reports Anthony Andrew Gallagher tried to give drive-thru staff a small bag containing the drugs, and drove off when they refused to take it.

Local police say they were called to the scene at around 2am (local time) on December 12 and waited in the area to see if he came back.

Gallagher returned shortly afterwards and went back through the drive-thru for a second time.

Police then pulled the car over and noticed a heavy smell of cannabis coming from it. After speaking to Gallagher, officers discovered he had 11 grams of cannabis on him.

He was arrested for possession of marijuana and driving under the influence.

Gallagher later told police he only tried to use the drugs to pay for his food as a joke. It is unclear if he tried to use the drugs as payment again on his second trip through the drive-thru.