Pornhub release their 2018 End Of Year Review and the data is pretty mind-blowing

Pics 13/12/2018

In what's become an annual tradition, Pornhub again have released their End of Year Review for 2018 and compiled a collection of data and facts from their website traffic this year.

They do these funny insights throughout the year too - like when they saw a 731% increase in wild west searches after Red Dead Redemption 2 was released - and reading the below really is mind-blowing...

Let's jump into some of the key findings.

1. In 2018, there were 33.5 billion visits to Pornhub.

That's 5 billion more than last year.

2. Pornhub averaged 92 million visitors per day.

PER FREAKING DAY. That's nearly 20x the entire population of New Zealand.

3. 30.3 billion searches were made, about 962 per second.

Many of which were probably typed with one hand. Sorry for the grim mental image.

4. The Top 20 countries by traffic were responsibled for 80% of daily traffic.

The Top 5 countries that led the charge - US, UK, India, Japan and Canada. And no, New Zealand did not make the list.

5. This is how long each country spent per visit. 

We see you there, Philippines.

6. On average, 207,405 videos are watched EVERY MINUTE of the day.

Next time you are having a sneaky watch, remember that there are literally hundreds of thousands of others doing the exact same thing as you, at the same time.

7. 5 million videos were uploaded to Pornhub in 2018.

You could watch 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and still not be able to watch everything uploaded to the site.

8. Just under 8 million comments were posted on videos in 2018.

Yes, some people comment on these things. The most common words in the comments - love, hot, like, good and sexy.

9. 141 million videos votes made.

Again, there are thousands of people out there throwing thumbs up and thumbs down on each video.

10. More bandwidth was used on Pornhub in 2018 than the entire internet in 2002.

That's 4403 petabytes, if you were technically curious.

11. The most searched for terms of 2018:

No surprises there.

12. The most 2018 specific search terms? Fortnite, Stormy Daniels and Bowsette.

Go figure.